School Linked Services Initiative


The mission of the School Linked Services Initiative is to provide families in need with readily available and effective services that they would otherwise not be able to access due to lack of resources, including: income, awareness, and/or time constraints due to long and inflexible work hours. By co-locating services on school campuses, school staff is in a good position to work closely with the family, therapists, case managers, and other providers to develop a coordinated plan for students in need. In addition, students receive services on the school site and miss little, if any, class time. It is a win-win situation: students do not miss valuable education time and schools retain much needed attendance dollars. The integration of education and social services at target sites has made school communities catalysts for social change within larger neighborhoods.

Under this Initiative, Safe Passages has developed important strategies that build on the strength of children’s emotional, social and academic skills, and seek to level the playing field for all students:

  • AmeriCorps Youth Development Program
  • The Middle School Strategy
  • Elev8 Oakland Full Service Community Schools
  • Extended Day Learning