Safe Passages disrupts the cycle of poverty by engaging youth and families to build and drive a continuum of services that supports student success and community development.


Safe Passages envisions a community where all young people have the opportunity to realize their full potential. Safe Passages is based on the premises that access to educational opportunity, health services, and family support should not be dictated by race or socio-economic status, and that healthy and supported young people are better prepared to learn and succeed.

Target Communities

We work with disadvantaged communities in Alameda County

Students score far below proficiency and have high rates of school suspension, drop-outs and truancy

Highest levels of health disparities including the highest rates of hospitalization for asthma, teen birth rates, and hospitalization for assaults among youth

9 out of 10 children live at or below the poverty lines


  • 39% Hispanic/Latinos
  • 36% African Americans
  • 9% Asian
  • 6% Pacific Islanders
  • 5% Mixed Race
  • 3% Native American
  • 1% Causasian
  • 1% Other

Building Communities

The work of Safe Passages is guided by the following core principles:

  • Social Justice
  • Service to the Community
  • System Change
  • Cultural Competency
  • Youth Development
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Family and Community Engagement