For 20 years, Safe Passages has worked with public and private partners to strengthen the safety net for poor people, implement strategies proven to reduce youth violence, and level the playing field for marginalized students, families and communities. Our team of seasoned nonprofit professionals, that boasts an average of 20 years of experience serving the community, researches, evaluates, incubates, and advocates for culturally appropriate, cross-agency strategies that maximize the ways organizations can leverage resources to address social issues. We are committed to providing guidance and professional resources to support nonprofit leaders in a variety of ways, including provision of support in the form of Boards, staff, volunteers and other stakeholders, in hopes of furthering the essential work of building resilient, impactful organizations.

Our team of skilled facilitators, trainers, coaches, planners, and managers provide services specializing in nonprofit governance, organizational development, impact assessment, leadership transitions, and strategic and operational leadership. These services include:

Operations Support

Safe Passages functions as a lead entity, helping companies with their payroll, health services, insurances, workers compensation, and other bookkeeping, human resources, or accounting tasks.

Fiscal Sponsorship

Safe Passages covers the financial responsibilities of the organization. This allows organizations to seek grants and solicit tax-deductible donations under our tax-exempt status, and covers the bill-paying and tax reporting duties of an organization.

Executive Coaching

Safe Passages works with professional management teams to develop protocols for budgeting, human resources, personnel policies, board development, and other forms of organizational development. We provide this service for both nonprofit organizations and schools.

Strategic Planning

Safe Passages utilizes strong community connections to conducts needs assessments that identify paths to stronger program design. This service includes refinement of mission statements and services, identification of appropriate grants and funding, and creation of more focused goal-oriented plans for an organization.

Grant Writing and Development

Safe Passages provides an experienced team of grant writers, fundraisers, and nonprofit development professionals to our partners.

Community Outreach Design and Implementation

The communities we serve have unique barriers and assets that are often overlooked and ignored. Using innovative outreach methods, Safe Passages helps nonprofits ensure that their programs operate with cultural and linguistic sensitivity, and that programs are designed in ways that fit the unique circumstances of each community they intend to serve.