Safe Passages believes that sustainable development comes from empowered communities. The communities we work in are full of vibrant, skilled, and lively residents, but many are deprived of outlets that allow them to flourish. Our economic models seek to build on existing skills of community residents, youth and adults, to build a pathways to careers and economic independence.

Who We Serve

The Community Network Solutions program would deliver outreach and enrollment services to low-income populations in Oakland, California through the community residents themselves. Residents will be trained to inform neighbors about services that they may not have known existed. This could include healthcare enrollment, CalFresh, CalWorks, and a number of other products and services that would greatly benefit low-income individuals. Safe Passages employs members of communities served in a variety of school based and community based programs, including after school outreach programs.

Our Goals

•Increase pathways to careers in education and community development
•Increase pool of culturally competent workforce
•Support economic independence of underemployed populations

Funding provided by USDA. USDA is an Equal Opportunity Provider, Employer, and Lender.