The Life & Career Road Map Pathway promotes development and job readiness in Oakland’s diverse youth population. Youth ages 16 to 17 receive a variety of job training, including resume development, interview workshops, and paid job experience. The youth also receive life skills curriculum and coaching such as communication and relationship skills, personal health information, conflict resolution, and independent living skills. The program serves 30 youth over the course of 3 years.

Who We Serve

Youth and young adults involved in Alameda County’s Child Welfare System (including adjudicated and foster youth) who are 16 and 17 years old. The curriculum has been field-tested over the last three years with youth in East, Central, North and West Oakland.

Our Goals

The program connects the participants to every resource available to foster care youth and strives to ensure that all enrolled youth receive job training, academic support, and help them stay in school or identify a viable career pathway. The program ensures that the high school students have access to every available academic support to be successful in school and life. The program also supports youth to transition into two or four year colleges post high school graduation.