Hats Off to Our Moms and Graduates

June 3, 2019

Dear Friends.

This month we dedicate our newsletter to our high school graduates and all the mothers who have supported the development of our babies through childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood.

Safe Passages supports a continuum of programs and services beginning with Early Childhood and continuing through college and career. This month we celebrate all of the youth graduating from high school from our family of programs. We understand that this is no small accomplishment given our context of generational poverty, historical oppression, and institutionalized inequities that challenge youth of color every day of their lives. Despite the context, our graduates have demonstrated the extraordinary resiliency to navigate through a complex and sometimes unforgiving education system with the tenacity needed to beat the odds.

We hope that the Class of 2019 will move forward with these truths:

  • The brilliance they possess has the power to light their path forward,
  • The assets they possess will see them through to the outcomes they desire.
  • Their strength is greater than their struggle.
  • Their agency and self-efficacy can change the world.
  • Their truth is powerful enough to change hearts and minds.
  • Our communities need them more than they know.
  • We believe in them and will leverage all our assets to further their dreams.

It is with great pride that all of us at Safe Passages commend the brilliance and diligence of the Class of 2019. We expect nothing but greatness from each and every one of you!

Finally, we recognize the tenacity and diehard commitment of all the mothers who support their children and young adults along their trajectory to adulthood. As a mother of three, including a graduating senior Mikaela, I know parenthood is as unrelenting as it is rewarding. Happy Mothers’ Day! Thank you for shaping our next generation of leaders.


In Service,
Josefina Alvarado Mena, Esq.
Safe Passages