A Message from Safe Passages and Our CEO

Situation in at the Capitol

       January 7, 2021

Dear Safe Passages community,

Yesterday was a difficult day in our country. It comes at a time when we are exhausted from battling COVID-19 from within our communities who bear the unconscionable impact of the pandemic along with the historical inequities imposed on people of color and poor people in the U.S.

Thank you all for continuing to work this difficult day that finds us monitoring the situation in D.C. I am proud of our Safe Passages team and our powerful partnerships. We are once again experiencing the consequences of the outgoing administration’s efforts to incite violence, support white supremacy, and blatantly attack the democratic process and American voters. Let us hope that this display of domestic terrorism will persuade even more voters to cast their votes in the future for federal leadership that represent the best of us.

While yesterday’s events are very disconcerting and disheartening, it reminds us of how much we are needed to continue to help our children, youth, and families navigate current conditions. Our children are watching. Our communities continue to be ravaged by COVID-19 and are struggling to just keep food on the table. Our country must move on to do the job of providing relief and protecting its people. We will continue to advocate, buffer, and serve our communities.

Regardless of yesterday’s events, the results of the election will be certified, Georgia will be represented by the first African American Senator and the first Jewish Senator in its history, and the democrats will take control of the Senate. Democracy is not a spectator sport and the power of the ballot box has never been more apparent. And today, like every day we affirm the power of our communities to be the change we are waiting for.

In Community,